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    :: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 ::
    For my sins, I've just been on NPR again.

    Look, the Death-Left should make up its mind: either the Bible says nothing about abortion, in which case legislating against abortion has nothing to do with "enforcing Biblical morality," or it does, in which case Christians who favor a liberal abortion regime have some explainin' to do.

    On this broadcast, Paul Simmons, of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and a true lightweight, went out of his way to assert that the Bible says nothing about abortion. If he ever got around to explaining how, in that case, the pro-life movement represents an illicit mixing of religion and politics, I sure didn't hear it. I would very much have liked to, and said so more than once.

    I know the Biblical pro-life texts fairly well, but somehow I think that getting drawn into a proof-text-fest is a trap. Instead, if you hear the "Bible doesn't condemn abortion" meme, come back with "Well in that case, pro-lifers can't be accused of mixing religion and politics." Keep doing it until they stop.

    Oh, and the part about how we want to revive Puritan Massachusetts? Familiarize yourselves with some of the seemier side of that regime (e.g. they burned a Quaker or two), and express how angry you are that you're being accused of wanting to revive that. Your opponent will reel backwards, as Mr. Simmons did, even to the point of denying, as Mr. Simmons did, that he did, in fact, just accuse you of wanting to revive Puritan Massachusetts.

    (Ironically, Massachusetts is still puritanical, in a way: it just does it in service of a different religion. The "we're the elect" mindset doesn't go away, even when the underlying worldview does a 180.)

    Several of our callers were people who just "know" Christianity is a lot of hooey, because of their "experience" with it. I guess this is one style of postmodern epistemology: we can know only our own experiences, but we can generalize freely from them. One of my young colleagues in marketing was visibly upset. "I've never put my faith in men," she said (meaning human beings!), "so when a minister or a youth pastor messed up, I wasn't surprised, and I certainly didn't think it meant God had messed up. But some of these people...."

    :: David M. Wagner 1:57 PM [+] ::

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