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    :: Friday, August 12, 2005 ::
    Well, I guess this spares me the trouble of fisking the NARAL ad.

    Thing is, though, it was no more dishonest than many of the ads, op-eds, and Senate speeches used against Bork. Lots of them followed the same script: focus on a dislikeable person or act on the side the nominee advocated for, or ruled in favor of, and then declaim based on the assumption that the nominee personally embraced that person or act.

    It looks like NARAL has actually been dealt a setback by msm folks who are ordinarily its friends. Of course, it may be a set-up, designed to make later attacks on Roberts (whether by NARAL or anyone else) look honest by comparison.

    Or, this may all really be about the next nominee, not about Roberts. Bob Novak:
    NARAL's approach was not meant to sway the Senate but to pick off nervous Democrats and perhaps a Republican or two, keeping Roberts as close to 60 votes as possible. The president and his closest advisers then would have to ask themselves: If a nominee as squeaky clean as John Roberts cannot do better than this, can we risk nominating another conservative for the next vacancy?...

    Luttig, Jones or Owen going on the court would cement a conservative majority. Any one of them likely would trigger a filibuster, either for chief justice or to replace Scalia, and the "nuclear option" might have to be pulled out of the closet for confirmation. Liberal hopes for Bush missing this golden opportunity could depend on how many Senators vote against Roberts, and that is reason enough to smear him as an abortion bomber.

    :: David M. Wagner 12:31 AM [+] ::

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