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    :: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 ::
    A student asked me this morning whether I was disappointed that Our Hero didn't get the nod for Chief. No, and for the same reason I never thought he would be chosen. The job doesn't play to his strengths at all. It would pressure him to get "moderate," as it did to Rehnquist; and it comes with a bag of administrative responsibilities that would unacceptably divert him from his mission of explaining the Law and proclaiming the Truth.

    Similar reasons go for Justice Thomas as well, who, I'm just sure, would love to sit down again at that ol' witness table in 325 Russell and talk about ol' times with Joe Biden. Yup.

    No, let them do what they've been doing. If Roberts fits the emerging picture -- a "minimilist" conservative with bonhommie coming out his ears -- he'll make a perfect Chief.

    Meanwhile, on the Other Seat Watch: the standard list from last July is being endlessly repeated. A Wall Street Journal editorial today mentioned most of the possibilities I did, but regreattably leaving out Garza, and adding Wilkinson and McConnell. I'm not sure what Wilkinson has done to justify the high regard in which conservatives are constantly said, by the msm, to hold him. As for McConnell, I'd support him, but quite frankly, for me he's a B-lister because he would mean the end of Smith, which I think was rightly decided and very important, as I ranted here.

    Edith Jones is widely mentioned, but Red State wonders if all that mentioning isn't perhaps just to keep conservatives happy. Chowderheaded strategy, if so, because conservatives will either be happy or not when the nominee is announced. If it isn't Jones, they won't be a bit happier for having been teased with the possibility, I'm here to tell you.

    Red State also says fuhgeddabout Janice Rogers Brown b/c she's just too conservative. Otoh, she's an African-American woman from a Katrina-affected state.

    Newsmax, but no one else, is mentioning Senator Mel Martinez, R-FL.

    :: David M. Wagner 11:10 PM [+] ::

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