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    :: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 ::
    So, what's Dr. Dobson got to say for himself about his sudden notoriety in re the Miers nomination?

    1. The "I know things I probably shouldn't" remark, he says, was made before Miers was announced, and referred to nothing more than the fact that her status as a front-runner had been disclosed to him. I'm now waiting for Paul Weyrich, who complained about the remark publicly, to confirm or dispute that Dobson made the remark only before, and never after, the Miers announcement.

    2. More remarkably, Dobson says the White House told him that the other nominees took themselves out of the running!
    "Well, what Karl told me is that some of those individuals took themselves off that list and they would not allow their names to be considered, because the process has become so vicious and so vitriolic and so bitter, that they didn't want to subject themselves or the members of their families to it."

    Dobson said conservatives who are bemoaning the president's failure to "appoint so-and-so" to the U.S. Supreme Court may not realize that "those individuals didn't want to be appointed." He said Rove didn't name any names.
    OK, I will now read off a few names of nominees who would have made the hearts of the President's base go pitty-pat: Jones; Rogers; Batchelder; Luttig; Garza; Alito; Estrada; Pryor; Easterbrook; Owen. I could go on, but ten is enough to make the point: are we actually being asked to believe that all ten of these asked not to be considered?

    I had heard that Owen did so; perhaps the Sunday-school teacher did not feel up to going mano a mano with Schumer, Biden, and especially Ted Kennedy (eck, pooie). Can't blame her; and besides, some conservatives had reservations about her anyway. But that leaves nine others (plus more I did not name). Edith Jones is tough as nails and smarter than the entire Judiciary Committee put together, and Emilio Garza is a Marine. And they chickened out of a confirmation process? That's what we're being asked to believe?

    EDITED TO ADD: ABC reports:
    A senior administration official said it was "just a couple" of candidates who had withdrawn from consideration....

    McClellan would give no names of candidates who withdrew but federal appeals court judge Priscilla Owen of Texas was reportedly one of them.
    So, Owen (which we already knew) and one other. So, the other eight (or more)?

    :: David M. Wagner 11:43 AM [+] ::

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