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    :: Monday, January 09, 2006 ::
    Blanton at Confirm Them writes:
    The Democrats will light a fire under the great American racial divide and send Alito into the flames and, with him, kick off the 2006 Democratic campaign to recapture Congress from white sheeted Republicans....

    According to my loose tongued Democrat friends, the Democrats are going after Alito on voting rights and civil liberties and, in the process, intend to take down a few Republicans....

    By the time Democrats are through with Alito, they hope to have made the case that Alito will be a pawn of Bush in Bush’s war against the American people. From eavesdropping to voting, Alito will be painted as a foe of civil liberties. The loss of liberty will be their theme and Alito will be their victim in the process. The drunk staffers assured each other that it polled well.
    Democrat Senators are certainly picking up these themes. Quin adds:
    So far, the answers to the one-man, one vote issue have been highly academic, but far, far from being effective sound bites. WE MUST HAVE AN effective sound-bite. So far we don’t. The fact is that Alito’s views on the reapportionment cases are thoroughly respectable. But if we can’t explain in a sound bite why they are respectable, then we open the door to letting the Dems start ot add on their other “equality” issues to pound home the message Blanton warns about.

    :: David M. Wagner 1:22 PM [+] ::

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