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    :: Monday, June 18, 2007 ::
    The local paper put us under the microscope this morning, and it could not help but notice our climbing average LSAT and skyrocketing bar-pass rate under our present Dean.

    Should I have said the paper "had a go at us," as I was planning to? My colleagues don't think so. Well, I'm an old newspaperman as well as an old law prof, and I couldn't help noticing that a freshman House Democrat's smarmy questioning about our decade-ago bar-pass rate at the Goodling hearing appeared above the fold.

    Also, who needed those quotes from Jon Stewart and Bill Maher? Stewart and Maher are -- hello? -- co-me-di-ans. In what other context is the work product of comedians cited to make a substantive point? Leno and Letterman have a go every night at whoever's in the White House, but no editor would think of citing them to help define Clinton, or even Bush.

    Yet, on the jump (beloved colleagues: the "jump" is the part of the story that's further inside the paper; no need to thank me), we find some very interesting things, e.g.:
    Location was key for Joe Migliozzi Jr., a 1994 graduate. Neither evangelical nor conservative, Migliozzi chose Regent as it was the law school closest to his home in Norfolk.

    Migliozzi, who is the lead death penalty defense attorney in southeastern Virginia, said Regent's law education became "incredibly well-balanced" under Brauch.

    As for ideology, "there are a number of people attending that school who do so strictly because of what Pat Robertson represents to them," Migliozzi said. "I don't think that is a majority anymore."
    I don't know Migliozzi, but I'd like to. Then there's this:
    Barry W. Lynn, a minister and lawyer who leads the liberal Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said he found Regent students eager to debate ideas when he visited the school.

    "If someone walks into a courtroom and says, 'Oh, the lawyer on the other side graduated from Regent, I don't have to prepare,' they're likely to have his or her head handed to them on a platter," Lynn said.

    :: David M. Wagner 7:17 PM [+] ::

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