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    :: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 ::
    By way of a break from McDonald v. Chicago...

    Jaffa, Bradford, Codevilla, and R. Stacy "The Other" McCain

    My old Washington Times friend Robert Stacy McCain, now a major blogger, has a post at the The American Spectator's blog crediting me (accurately, I guess!) as instigator of a comment-fueled reminiscence about:

    * Prof. Angelo Codevilla
    * Prof. Harry Jaffa
    * Prof. Leo Strauss, and "Straussianism"
    * Jaffa's quarrel with Mel Bradford (which, let us remember, did not prevent Jaffa from strongly supporting Bradford in his bitterly contested and ultimately unsuccessful bid for the chairmanship of the NEH under Pres. Reagan. This was the only case I can think of where neocons clashed with paleocons and did not, i.m.o., have the better of the argument.)
    * Jaffa's strong opposition to homosexual conduct (on which Bradford would presumably have agreed), and
    * how certain other conservatives today (is one allowed to say "soi-disant" here?), playing off of Jaffa's philosophical commitment to "equality" (with which Bradford did not agree), argue that support for same-sex marriage is required by the Kirk-Kendall school of conservatism.

    What kicked all this off was a widely acclaimed, emailed, and reTweeted article by Prof. Codevilla in the July-August American Spectator called "America's Ruling Class -- and the Perils of Revolution." When Angelo writes about classes and revolution, you may be sure he has books 7 through 9 of The Republic in mind.

    Let me just add that it's great to be back in touch with Stacy, and that Angelo Codevilla (who probably doesn't remember me, but whom I've met at a few conferences), is a finalist for "smartest person I've ever met," up there with William Marshner, Richard Vigilante, Robert George and Russell Hittinger. (I've left law profs and legal colleagues off this list, to avoid invidious comparisons.)

    :: David M. Wagner 3:22 PM [+] ::

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