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    :: Monday, April 08, 2013 ::

    Mrs. Thatcher

    Many British columnists writing about today's sad news -- the death of Mrs. Thatcher (she was of course "Baroness" or "Lady" Thatcher, but she was "Mrs." during the meat of her political career, plus, I think her irreducible Mrs.-iness was part of her identity for her fans, so "Mrs." it shall be) -- many are a tad younger than me, and so they speak of her in terms of "growing up under" her government. My memories, instead, reach back to growing up under the adolescent hope -- paralleled here by Reagan, of course -- that despite the uselessness of the Republican (US) and Conservative (UK) parties, leaders could be found who really believed that freedom principles could produce prosperity and therefore justice, that that such leaders and their principles could claim the leadership of their parties, win general elections (three, in Mrs. Thatcher's case), and achieve, not every reform we had imagined, but still, a change of direction beyond what many imagined possible. The heroic age. RIP.  

    Janet Daley: Mrs. Thatcher was a "convictions politician" because she was an outsider, not part of the "club," and her being a woman was no small part of this.

    Blairite Dan Hodges hopes the Left will behave itself. (It isn't.)

    Benedict Brogan: "...Her passing risks reawakening painful memories of how a party rejected its most successful leader, and never reconciled itself to that act of treachery. But it also presents an opportunity to reflect on how she changed Britain for the better. She made modern Britain, and gives Tories a record of achievement to boast of. Above all, as we contemplate her remarkable legacy in the days and weeks ahead, Mr Cameron must hope that the country will be reminded that the facts of life are indeed Conservative."


    Mrs. Thatcher's Bruges Speech, which gave rises to the still-very-active Bruges Group 

    Last PMQT (16 mins; gets confrontational around the 14 min point)

    Five days earlier (but already after she had announced intention to resign), her "last stand against socialism," as YouTubers have opted to call it

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